Chris Bickley NEW!! Four Seasons pickup design

I was Recently Introduced to a new pick up company that I was not very familiar with from The Netherlands, and man was I surprised.  Owner Bob Gabriel  master mind and creative pickup guru and I set on path to create a few tonal variations of my favorite pickups. And let me tell you, we came up with a few monsters !! There is a lot of great pickup company’s out there ( my friend’s over at Homewrecker Pickups are no slouch) , Dimarzio, Barden, Lollar, the list is very long. But not all pickup’s  tend to have the service and care that  or personalized build  that I have found with  4 seasons.  It could be a chemistry thing, But for me I was very very impressed.  The clairity is Amazing.. What’s even more interesting that  usually a coil tapped pickup  can have a very thin or useless sound but not here, not this guy ….Bob has found some kind of way to make it complete and full sounding even as a single coil.  I’m a big  believer in tone and even if there’s less gain if I have  better or bigger tone then it’s for me.  Bob is also providing other expert services including :

Replacing electronics

Rewinding of pick ups

Repair of old pick ups

Guitar and Bass set ups (fixed bridge/ tremolo/floyd rose)

Guitar / Bass care and repair

Guitar / Bass adjustments to get maximum tone and playing comfort