Killer Guitar Components

Everyone knows how much I love a good upgrade to my already favorite guitar, That being said what better up grade than to have a large hunk of Brass installed under  your tremolo? Or perhaps a new Bridge all together with custom brass saddles , a soid brass claw , steel plate and a very large aluminum block ?.. Decided I wanted to give it a shot at some of my favorite personal studio guitars ( the ones I just use for specific things) one of them being a heavily modded non-original 1974 Stratocaster I have that needed a new bridge because the aftermarket one that I had on it already didnt fit properly. So I called up Rick over  at KGC (Killer Guitar Componets)  he was able  to make me one with the proper spacing I needed for the neck on my guitar… in any case ..  KGC makes the highest quality custom tremolos and aftermarket parts for your guitar I highly recomend them .. and even just replacing a brass claw you will see a huge difference in sustain and tone . Remember theres no substitution for quality!! .. check them out

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