Thunderhead 2010 now out on CD!!!!

Thunderhead music is available on all the streaming sites . iTunes , Spotify, CD Baby and others have all three. If you still collect CDs you can purchase them at Mike Dagger’s website. Http://

A few words about “Thunderhead 2010″

Back in 2009, Bobby T and I after consulting with Johnny Winter and as many of the original members of Thunderhead we could contact, decided to release the album that was produced by Johnny and Bleu Evans at the Studio in the Country. Working only from an old reel to reel tape of the tracks and with the help of Vic Steffans at Horizon studios in West Haven, Conn. we remastered it as best we could and released it ourselves to pay tribute to what Johnny did for us and so that the people could hear the tracks that got us the deal with ABC.

At the same time we discovered that bootleg versions of some of the songs were already being sold by a black market company who was untraceable. We will never know how they got the tapes.

We also decided to promote the CD by going out and playing a few dates. SInce the original members were unavailable for many reasons, Bobby and I found some very talented Connecticut musicians and rehearsed the songs. Chris Bickley and Jeremy Barrett rehearsed at Horizon Studios and put a set together, understanding that we were not trying to duplicate the original sound of Thunderhead, but really to pay tribute to what could have been the greatest Rock and Roll band .

We also had a few songs that Thunderhead never recorded and a few Bobby wrote, so we recorded them. Along with some “Live” tracks that we recorded while doing a show at the Famous Rock n Bowl venue in New Orleans in July 2010.

There were a few set backs during the production and despite all the problems, we were able to put together the CD which is now available. We hope you enjoy the CD and for those of your who heard the band back in the 70’s Thanks for remembering !! — Mike Dagger

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